Ovindoli is a small town in the province of L’Aquila, Abruzzo. It is located 13 km from Celano between the Velino and Sirente mountains. In ancient times it was used as a defense settlement, then it was destroyed by the Romans and later rebuilt by the Lombards. It is believed that the first inhabited center was built around the tower and the fortification built to defend the passage towards the vestina area and the Rocche plateau. Some believe that the name Ovindoli comes from the word Obinolum, which derives from the word Ovis that was the primary pastoral activity since antiquity. Others believe that it comes from Ovatio, Aa word that describes the triumph of the Marsi warriors that were applaused. Currently Ovindoli is a renowned ski resort with about 22 km of slopes, it also offers the possibility of practicing other sports, including horseback riding, mountaineering, trekking, paragliding, archery and freeclimbing.

Ovindoli is a small village with a charming and characteristic historic center perfect for those who want to spend a weekend in complete relax. For those who do not like skiing and prefer a walk through the streets of the town, in Ovindoli you can visit the Villa of Prince Torlonia, which offers a spectacular view of the whole Valle del Fucino, the parish church, dedicated to San Sebastiano and the church of ‘Alpine. Absolutely not to be missed are Santa Jona and San Potito, some ruins of the Roman Emperors´ summer residences and the ruins of the Medieval Castle. The area also has several green areas like the Gole di Celano, Monte Sirente and Piani di Pezza a glacial and karst plateau.

Ovindoli offers numerous events, parties and festivals, such as “Ovindoliamo” in the month of August and the “Suono fuori” in S.Jona festival in September. These are food and wine events with good music enjoyed together with the scenic beauty of the historic centers. At these events you can find local products and specialties. The local cuisine offers homemade pasta seasoned with truffles and mushrooms, lamb or wild boar sauce and polenta, cheeses, cold cuts, local jams and lentil, all accompanied by great wine.

* Source: www.yesabruzzo.com

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